How To Apply
Applications will be reviewed and interviews conducted on a rolling basis. All materials must be received by: April 8, 2024, for academic year 2024-25.

Please Note: Interested participants may also inquire about opportunities to apply to the program in combination with seeking employment through NYC H+H by contacting Omar Fattal, MD, Co-Deputy Chief Medical Officer and System Chief of Behavioral Health, Medical & Professional Affairs, at the NYC H+H Office of Behavioral Health at

Part A: Applicant Information

Part B: Skills Assessment

Please complete the skills assessment below and attach to your application.
1=no knowledge or experience
2=some knowledge and little experience
3= working knowledge and experience
# Topic 1 2 3 4
1 Providing Effective Leadership in Public Psychiatry Settings
2 Functioning as a Manager in Public Psychiatry Settings
3 Organizing Well-Functioning Teams
4 Understanding Healthcare Administration
5 Appreciating Issues of Diversity and Inclusion in Public Psychiatry Settings
6 Using Quality Improvement Tools and Techniques to Drive Change
7 Implementing Trauma-Informed and Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Care
8 Understanding Laws and Policies related to Mental Health Care
9 Building/Running Programs for Specific Populations and Internationally
10 Improving Communication in Public Psychiatry Settings
11 Using Data to Understand Health System Strengths and Challenges
12 Understanding Finances of Mental Health Care including Business Planning

Part C: Personal Career Statement

Please attach a one-page personal statement that includes answers to the following 3 questions: (accepted formats Word or PDF)
+ What motivated you to consider a career in public psychiatry?
+ What skills do you hope to attain from participating in our program?
+ What are your current and future professional goals?

Part D: CV

Please attach a current CV to your application (accepted formats Word or PDF)

Part E: References Contact Information

Please provide names and contact information for 2 individuals who will provider letters of recommendations as follows:
+ Residency Program Director (if you are currently in residency or fellowship) OR Supervisor from your place of employment as of July 2022.
+ Faculty member or colleague who is familiar with your interest in and commitment to public mental health, and, can attest to your abilities to work as a member of a healthcare team.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Letters of reference should be emailed directly to by the authors.

Part F: Interview

Once the information contained in your application is reviewed and verified, you will be invited to an interview with members of the core faculty.

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